Several companies in and around Zurich make substantial financial contributions to IN-FINITUDE’s BioZH project. This allows us to protect biodiversity more efficiently. We are very happy to announce that the Zurich Cantonal Bank will be supporting BioZH again in 2017.

Delinat AG is a partner of BioZH. This company, known for its commitment towards biodiversity, is a pioneer model in Switzerland. We are delighted by its participation, allowing us to taste their wine during our activities.

The adventure continues: In 2017 Migros Alnatura participates as main partner! This year we organize BioZH activities around various Migros Alnatura stores in the city of Zurich and its vicinity.

The IN-FINITUDE team wishes you a happy and successful 2017. The year starts well and we are pleased, to present you our updated website.

What’s new?

  • new design
  • enhanced usability
  • improved web responsiveness
  • tri-lingual: English, German, French
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