Consulting, education, networking


  • Private and public organisations, NGO's and others

Fields of expertise:

  • education for sustainable development
  • environmentally-aware entrepreneurship
  • bionics
  • environmental sciences
  • clean technologies
  • project management
  • waste management, management of ecosystems and biodiversity
  • behavioural change


We realize visions

  • Participative Processes
  • Network development and market visiblity
  • Environmental events and conferences
  • Corporate Social Responsability events
  • Team building workshops
  • Environmental digital technology


We create value

  • Project management
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Development of strategies
  • Determination and elaboration of indicators and monitoring systems
  • Realization of concepts
  • Research and analyses


We foster knowledge

  • Educational concepts
  • Training and coaching
  • Courses (secondary levels I & II, gymnasium/grammar schools, universities)
  • Advanced training courses
  • Innovation workshops