Our inspiration

“Look deep into nature, and then you will undertsand everything better.” (Albert Einstein)

Our vision: Developing solutions to preserve the natural environment and its biodiversity.


For our clients

We provide high-end quality solutions for your requirements.

Our clients: Private and public organisations, NGO's and others.


Our network

We work with various organisations in Switzerland and abroad.

The link: We share sustainability values and have the same objectives.


70 digital shapers approve projects promoting the digital transformation of Switzerland.

Invited as "Digital Shaper" with our project "Pollenn®", IN-FINITUDE could be part of the workshop held in Bern on October 3.

We would like to thank all the organizers and also for your support allowing us to take part in the digital transformation of the society.

Digitalswitzerland: media release.

Picture: Digitalswitzerland.

Preserve your property

Invasive alien plants affect the value of your property, a quick and effective fight helps you to avoid significant costs.

For: Landlord, commune, facility manager, farmer.

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Environment start at your doorstep

Discover a completely new approach to protecting and fostering biodiversity, by means of fascinating activities at unusual places in and around Zurich. Get to know the local wild growing medicinal herbs and edible wild herbs.

For: Private, companies, schools. 

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