“Act local, change local”


Biodiversity loss increases every year at a dangerous rate, which leads to negative effects on several aspects of human well-being, such as food security, vulnerability to natural disasters, access to clean water and raw materials, health problems and more.

BioZH offers many activities on several biodiversity topics in beautiful places in the city of Zürich. The main focus of the project is to make people aware of the value of biodiversity directly in their local environment and use it as an inspiration for innovative courses, workshop, games, and more. With us you discover how to use wild plant for medicinal purposes or which one you can eat, to construct wild bee home, to learn how to make honey, take part of a jam competition with your own product made with local resources that you can find in your neighbourhood.

With this project the participants can:

  • meet new people or take part of it with friends
  • learn divers biodiversity topics with high qualified experts
  • discover new or exclusive places in the city (like private garden)
  • discover local social institutions and their activities
  • divers type of products (honey, jam, soap, etc..) that are in line with biological norms or locally made

We offer:

  • For private: courses, workshops, competitions, etc.
  • For companies: CRS, team events, workshops, etc.

BioZH was launched in 2013 in the district of Hirslanden in Zurich and continues its expansion in divers districts in the city and invited you to be part of it.