• Digitalswitzerland: IN-FINITUDE invited as "digital shaper"

    70 digital shapers approve projects promoting the digital transformation of Switzerland.

    Invited as "Digital Shaper" with our project "Pollenn®", IN-FINITUDE could be part of the workshop held in Bern on October 3.

    We would like to thank all the organizers and also for your support allowing us to take part in the digital transformation of the society.

    Digitalswitzerland: media release.

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  • Digitalswitzerland: IN-FINITUDE invitée en tant que “Digital Shaper”

    70 Digital Shapers esquissent des projets pour la transformation numérique de la Suisse.

    Invitée en tant “Digital Shaper” avec notre projet “Pollenn®”, IN-FINTUDE a pu participer à cette rencontre inédite le 3 octobre 2017 qui s’est déroulée Bern.

    Un grand merci à tous les organisateurs ainsi que pour le soutien nous ayant permis d'être impliqués et reconnus dans la force digitale de notre pays.

    Digitalswitzerland: communiqué de presse.

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  • economiesuisse

    Since December 2017, Economiesuisse is an official network partner of our geoplatform 'Pollenn'. The umbrella organization Economiesuisse represents the interests of approximately 100,000 companies from all business sectors and regions of Switzerland with a collective work force of some 2 million people. By cooperating with Economiesuisse 'Pollenn' has gained considerable momentum and has now arrived at the heart of Swiss economy.rk force of some.

  • Economiesuisse becomes Pollenn's network partner

    The theme of biodiversity conservation is becoming a priority for businesses and new solutions must be implemented. Thanks to its innovative approach to digital vision mixed with citizen sciences, Pollenn® has been recognized by economiesuisse as a reference project that can save tremendous costs by just simplifying communication on environmental issues affecting the whole of Switzerland. With this support, Pollenn gains a major partner of our economy and looks forward to this collaboration.